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Why choose to work for Valley Engineering Group?


Why choose Valley Engineering Group to represent you as your contract staffing agent? In the Silicon Valley, there is a multitude of staffing agencies. All of these agencies want to represent the best people. YOU are their product. If they put out a sub-par product, they lose business. At Valley Engineering Group we understand this, because as current and former staffed employees ourselves, we have all been in your shoes. We know and understand the issues. At Valley Engineering Group, our goal is to only represent the best and as such kids unique toys , treat our employees in a manner fitting their capabilities. YOU are our product. Our expectations from you are high and we expect your expectations to be the same of us. Compare us and see!

  • Your Coworkers

    At Valley Engineering Group, we are ALL current or previous contract engineers and designers. We absolutely understand not only the issues that affect you but what you need to be successful.

  • Benefits

    At Valley Engineering Group, we pay up to 50% of medical and dental insurance for the employee and family of all full time employees. We also contribute 3% to a Fidelity 401(k) plan for ALL employees after six months of continuous service.

  • Commissions

    We consider our employees (you) a valuable portion of our sales force. As engineers and designers, you not only know when there are available positions, but also, who the best people are to fill those positions. We differ from other staffing organizations however by properly compensating you for people and positions that develop from your efforts. This compensation is an ongoing monetary benefit as long as you both are a part of VEG.

  • Offsite Facility

    We maintain our own off-site facility with multiple CAD platforms including Pro|ENGINEER, Solid Works, Autodesk Inventor, and AutoCAD. This provides flexibility to both our employees and our clients.

  • Procedures

    We work, hire and run our business to a strict set of procedures. While this may not seem like a benefit up front, you will come to realize that working to processes makes you a better designer and keeps the quality of our organization consistent and quantifiable.

  • Your Input Counts

    You are an engineer or designer and so are we. When you have comments and suggestions, you can be assured that they will be heard with a set of ears that understands. Your concerns are usually the same as ours baby health tips.

  • Employee Satisfaction

    Speak with our current or past employees. We will gladly provide references of our quality and integrity.