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What kind of shape is your documentation in? Is it a stack of redlined prints sitting in a drawer? Or, worse yet, does your outsourced vendor control the documentation to manufacture YOUR product and thereby hold YOU hostage?

Take control of your documentation situation. Let us clean up your documentation nightmares and give you control over your products and vendors rather than the other way around. At Valley Engineering Group, Inc., we are experts in documentation services. We work to processes and procedures tailored to fit your needs.

Mechanical Drawings

Valley Engineering Group is your reliable resource for Computer Aided Documentation of mechanical parts and assemblies.

We understand what it takes to create documentation that captures the intentions of the designer. Further, we have an exceptional understanding of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. This gives us the ability to make sure that your design intentions are conveyed and your products are built as you intended them. We own and work with several different CAD tools so that we can support needs on multiple platforms.

Assembly Instructions

Our designers are experts at preparing detailed assembly instructions. Whether it is parametric CAD based, or detailed photographic documentation, our staff designers, photographers and Adobe product experts have the skills to do the job right.

Facilities Drawings

Our facilities drafting team has the experience and dedication to quality to satisfy your facilities related documentation needs, be it mechanical, electrical, sprinkler, or alarm systems using the latest AutoCAD tools.

Cable and Wire Harness Drawings

Our Cable and Harness Documentation Group is capable of generating the most complex Cable and Harness documents by using the latest CAD tools and photographic techniques.
Interaction between our documentation specialists and our experienced Cable and Harness Design Team assures accurate and superior work every time.

Printed Circuit Board

Our PCB team has the ability to generate complex printed circuit board documentation. When your vendor gives you raw Gerber or DXF data, we have the ability to take that data and convert it into documentation that better fits your needs and standards.

Plus, if you have Printed Circuit Board Design and Fabrication needs, we are partnered with one of the best PC Board design firms in the Silicon Valley to provide you with just what you are looking for.


Our procedures group is exceptional in the use of Microsoft and Adobe products and our professional staff photographer makes sure that our pictures are clear and reliable.
Our experienced procedures team will make sure that the procedural documentation we create for you is first rate in both content and quality.

Presentation Materials

At Valley Engineering Group we have the ability to take your CAD or photo-generated files and turn them into a variety of presentation materials. Our experience with both Microsoft and Adobe products give us the skills we need to deliver to our customers quality graphics and renderings.

User's Manuals and other Technical Publications

We can prepare your User Manuals or other Technical Publications. We have the tools, capabilities and experience to put together.