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Why choose Valley Engineering Group, Inc. as your technical staffing resource?

Processes and Procedures

Everything we do here at Valley Engineering Group is done to processes and procedures. This insures a consistent level of quality. From the moment you contact us these processes kick in gear and insure that your needs are met. However, if you have your own standards, we will happily adapt to meet those as well.

Unique Recruiting

We have an experienced, full-time, professional recruiting staff. We have access to top of the line resume search engines. This is where most staffing agencies stop. However, this is just the beginning for us. We know that personal references give you the best chance of success. That is why our entire workforce is our recruiting arm.

We give our employees an ongoing incentive to locate the top talent and recruit them into the VEG family. They help us grow our business and we make sure they are rewarded.

Just like you, our people are technical people who know who and where the good people are. When you need them, our whole company will work to find them.

Technical Evaluations

With Valley Engineering Group, you’ll never have to wade through a stack of resumes piled on your desk or stuffed into your e-mail in-box. That is our job. We are a company of technical people with technical backgrounds. Our technical backgrounds allow us to take that stack of resumes and filter out only the best candidates.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Once we have pared them back to a select few, we do a technical pre-screening interview based on input provided by you, the client. That pre-screening may include a full-on interview and technical exercise, or may be a telephone pre-screen. Either way, when the select few candidates get to your door, you can be sure that we’ve done our best to filter out the pretenders.

Even though this is contract labor, we know that finding the right personnel improves your teams productivity and helps us build a long-term working relationship.

Technical Support

Remember, when a Valley Engineering Group employee goes to work for you, he/she goes to work for us as well. Here again, our processes kick in and keep our level of quality at its highest.

Since the owners, directors, and most of our staff are technical people, we provide ongoing technical support for Valley Engineering Group contract staff. If they ever have a technical question or need technical assistance, they not only have us as a resource, but are encouraged to contact us. Better support for them means that they do a better job for you.

Also, having our own off-site engineering facility gives you and them alternatives to how and where this work gets done.


We are not the least expensive, nor are we the most expensive. Actually, in most cases, we are very competitive with our low service cousins in the staffing industry.

Since much of what we do (processes, pre-screening, etc.) we do for our own internal staff, using these same quality standards for outsourced staff is a by-product. Try us once and you’ll be hooked!

Offsite Facility

Valley Engineering Group, Inc., has its own off-site engineering facility, equipment and staff. This means that you don’t always have to provide a place and equipment for the people we hire. Let us provide them for you.

Also, if you need a quick few weeks of work to get done, don’t make a fuss over tracking down people, setting up space, badging and allocating hardware. Let them work at our facility or let our staff professionals do the job for you.

We’re all set and ready to go with trained personnel there to assist when needed.